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Burly Wines


68 Alexander Pointe Dr

Hickory, NC 28601

Tel: 707.299.7085


The name for Burly originates from founder Hank McCrorie’s college football days, when he was dubbed “Burly Bear” by the local paper.  The nickname stuck among his teammates and given the bold nature of this wine, is more than a befitting tribute.

The oak tree displayed on the label is not only a symbol connecting the McCrorie’s childhoods– Hank growing up surrounded by the beautiful southern oaks of North Carolina and Bernice the sprawling oak trees at the family ranch in Northern California – but also embodies the intrinsic flavors of tannins and oak, balanced by beauty of its velvety, rich and flavorful layers.

Overseeing the family’s sole Cabernet source, Michael  Wolf, the vineyards manager, achieves supreme fruit and color extractions. Located just east of Napa, this vineyard boasts a climate generally cooler than others in Napa Valley, allowing for longer hang times which promote intensified flavors and layering in the finished wine.  The vineyard soil is rocky loam, providing good drainage and low nutrient concentration.  Under these stresses the vines work hard to produce a limited amount of the best fruit.

2009 Cabernet Saugivnon
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