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PO Box 741

St. Helena, California 94574

Tel: 707.967.8448


When Steve and Linda Goldfarb purchased the property, which was later to become Anomaly Vineyards, they were largely unaware of the caliber of wine that their neighbors’ vineyards produced. That all changed, however, after their first “experimental” vintage in 1997. The first Anomaly was a critical success, both amongst friends and among the wine professionals who populated the neighborhood.

Further research found that what was to become Indee’s Vineyard was directly over the previous path of Sulphur Creek coming down out of the Mayacamas Range to the west. Technically, the soil is “very gravelly cobbly sandy loam” over an alluvial creek wash consisting of “water rolled gravel + cobbles”. In other words, prime Cabernet dirt for a vineyard property, which has been producing grapes for some of the best wines Napa has to offer for close to 100 years.

2011 Cabernet Saugivnon
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